New beginnings!



I started Loom + Crow in 2016 when I fell in love with the process of making of hand woven textiles. Weaving, among many other artistic mediums, was something I learned as a child from my super versatile and artistic mother. With the popularity of hand woven textiles, my interest peaked as I though- I can do that! I immediately built a loom out of a wooden canvas frame and tiny nails, hammering each one in carefully. Once I prepared that makeshift loom with warp strings and began weaving, I was hooked. The way the yarn acts like paint on a canvas, the colors, the textures. I soon found a meditation like experience in the process of weaving, and being a highly sensitive person, I longed for the calm yet productive feeling creating textile art offered.

I hope to share the process of my creations on here in more depth - my instagram is a great place to see up to date photos, and hopefully some tutorials as well.

Thank you for reading this, I hope you’ll enjoy what I create and it inspires you like so many textile artists inspire me. :)


Angela Wagner